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1:38 AM

Forget Vista, There's Something Beta

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Here's an exciting news (to me at least, and to all the geeks out there): Windows 7 Beta is officially out!
According to news posted on Softpedia, Microsoft will officially release the new OS tomorrow, 9th of January, to the public. There's a limitation, however, as it's exclusive to TechNet Plus and MSDN subscribers for the moment.

The release was meant for testing and evaluation by IT professionals, according to Celine Allee, Windows Client director.

If you've read my short mention of Vista in one of my previous posts here (Goodby WinXP... Goodbye World), then you have some idea about my moderate hate towards Vista. My choice, then was to stick to Windows XP or wait for the OS after Vista -- i.e. Windows 7 -- which I think has been around no more than 3 months after the official release of Vista.

[Discovered this while looking for the DAMN NFO Viewer]
Windows 7 FAQ on Paul Thurrott's Supersite for Windows - one of my best sources for Windows OS news and information.


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