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12:30 AM

ShadouTech Discontinued

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Okay! Time for some verrry late announcement.

After some thought and tests, I have decided to ditch my other blogs (ShadouConn, ShadouBiz, and this, ShadouTech) in favor of just one blog that "has them all".
My "parent-with-no-children" blog is now Shadouness, my first real (my very first was in Friendster), and now my only, blog.

(Having other blogs just makes it difficult for me. After all, there are labels and tags. I'm just using them :'p)

Yours in the Force,

Lorgen Shadouness.

10:10 AM

'Lie To Me'

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Last night I caught Lie To Me on local TV and that was its first episode that I saw (serendipitously the pilot, I later learned). It sold me on the first scene: A professor (Dr. Cal Lightman, portrayed by Tim Roth) lecturing on human gestures and facial expressions. Later they investigated the murder of a teacher involving a Mormon student who had strictly religious parents and a politician who was accused of being involved with a prostitute.

Lie To Me is an investigative drama series -- proximate to CSI, but more on psychology and sociology.

I was a Psychology graduate and I highly recommend it, if not for the perfect accuracy of kinesics* and such, then at least for the lesson that we should not only listen to what's being said by someone, but also consider the contents and structure of the statement and how it is being said; although it would be difficult to not learn a lot from the series.

Of course the series could make people better liars but, well, we could also get better at perceiving lies. It's a game, really, of who's better at which. And despite the difficulties of telling apart a lie from the truth, we should at least realize that trust really isn't the issue, but trustworthiness.

*No I'm not referring to the application of kinesics in the series, but to kinesics itself, it being another flawed medium of perception.
Links (additional and redundancy):
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10:00 AM

Designer, What's In Your Bag?

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Boxed In Design+, a new "Community of Designers for Designers (and other good looking people)" *ehem*, recently posted the article Designers – What’s in your bag? featuring the contents of a few designer'S bags (NOT "designER bags").

If you are a designer, an artist or some-such, drop by the site. They're now accepting entries for the next "What's In Your Bag" post. ='D

Here's Boxed In Design's Twitter post:
"Doing a part 2 of "what's in your bag" - send me your bag contents and I will post them. 500 px x (200 - 400 px) figured I'll make it long."

Click here to contact Boxed In Design.

Oh, Joy! ='D

+I discovered it through Bryan Brinkman's Twitter post. I first saw him on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where they did an experiment requesting everyone watching the show to follow him on Twitter. I did, and he's actually the first Twitter-person that I followed. =')

5:01 AM

Vewy Funny, Google

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

I'm most likely already late at discovering this, but it's good to know that one of the best companies in the world has a good sense of humor.

Today, I suddenly found the language in Google in Filipino (language of the Philippines). While I am a Filipino, I prefer reading in English language since admittedly, spellings in our language is long, hence more tedious to read. So I went to the preferences and looked for English. On the dropdown menu, I pressed "E" for "English" and, much to my delight, I discovered "Elmer Fudd" as an option.

I chose it and now I can find "My Wabits" in my Google and it's got cool "Pwefewences".

Hoo-way! ='D

6:59 AM

Apple iTampon?

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Digg-ers discussed about the proximity of iPod Shuffle's design to the tampons. Curious?
Let's see:

From ShadouTech

From ShadouTech

8:15 PM

Cool Digg Comments #cancelled

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Yes, I'm cancelling my "Cool Digg Comments".
There are just way too many for me to handle. Between the reading and the laughter, I barely have time to scratch my butt. It's just taking me way too much time and there are a lot more important things to do than posting what's already been posted. Besides, what's "cool" for me might not be "cool" for you. Besides #2... I can always take comfort in the fact that I have no readers anyway... *sob*... *sniff*.

For more cool Digg comments, you can easily check out Digg anyway.

I admit, it's way cooler that way.

8:09 AM

Cool Digg Comments #4

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

30 Colorful Shots Of High Speed Bullet Photography — "PTCH-OOO!!" Here are 30 excellent high speed photos of bullets passing through various objects, captured using high speed cameras.

Pabst + Hollow Point


Well, that's just a waste of good cheap beer. These photographers should be shot!

[reply to kfcurley:]
And then photographed as the bullet passes though them

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