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9:31 AM

photos - Pasayahan sa Lucena 2009

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Last night, I went to the center of Lucena City to watch my friend Vivien who invited me to a fashion show dubbed "longest ramp" (Yes, it was long -- as long as about 2-3 basketball courts).
I met a good friend Brian there who was taking photos with his nifty dSLR. (We first became friends through music as we were band members, and now he's taking photography as a hobby -- and apparently seriously.)

Yesterday I missed the Flores de Mayo of some beautiful showbiz personalities because I had to help my friend Raymond with his buggy Windows system (Thanks, Microsoft). Good thing I met Brian last night. This shot is of the oh, so pretty Maja Salvador (TV: May Bukas Pa, Kapitan Boom, film: My Kuya's Wedding, First Day High), one of my favorites in his "Flores de Mayo 2009" shots.

So, thanks for sharing, Brian, and keep them coming! ;')

(Haaah... Majaaa...)


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