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Designer, What's In Your Bag?

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

Boxed In Design+, a new "Community of Designers for Designers (and other good looking people)" *ehem*, recently posted the article Designers – What’s in your bag? featuring the contents of a few designer'S bags (NOT "designER bags").

If you are a designer, an artist or some-such, drop by the site. They're now accepting entries for the next "What's In Your Bag" post. ='D

Here's Boxed In Design's Twitter post:
"Doing a part 2 of "what's in your bag" - send me your bag contents and I will post them. 500 px x (200 - 400 px) figured I'll make it long."

Click here to contact Boxed In Design.

Oh, Joy! ='D

+I discovered it through Bryan Brinkman's Twitter post. I first saw him on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where they did an experiment requesting everyone watching the show to follow him on Twitter. I did, and he's actually the first Twitter-person that I followed. =')


Boxed said...

We had fun with part1. You can find part2 up at the site now. Posted it today!

Thanks for spreading the love!

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